Exciting Changes for PHS

We had a great time reading the responses we received from some of our readers regarding our last newsletter.  Thank you for sharing your “scores” on our Pop Quiz and for sending in your comments.  We do try our best to educate our clients about the benefits of DITI as well as the limitations of this technology.

The question that received the most comments and seemed to trip up most of our readers was about family history versus estrogen dominance and which played the most significant role as a risk factor for developing breast cancer.

Many believed that family history is more significant as a risk factor for developing disease.  However, the truth is that the greatest risk factor women face today with respects to developing breast cancer is hormonal status; specifically estrogen levels.  A future newsletter will go into more depth with respects to this aspect of illness and disease.  

This month’s newsletter we will dedicate to sharing some exciting changes Proactive Health Solutions is going through including the introduction of two new team members!

june2015-1Many of you know that Juanita Garcia has been working towards receiving her Level 1 thermographer certification and I am happy to announce she has been successful in her endeavor!!
Juanita has been working for more than one year to learn all she could to prepare for her testing.  She had to learn health history intake, brush up on her anatomy and physiology (she is a licensed massage therapist, so some of this information was just a review), and learn the proper patient protocols, clinic protocols, images and labels and correct and factual information about thermography. . . .all while having to deal with Lynda!!!!

All joking aside, Juanita worked diligently and professionally watching all videos, reading all literature she could get her hands on and going online to find more.  She continues to grow and learn more about thermography, breast and overall health and strives to “practice what she preaches” while reaching out to women and men to help them, too.

Juanita is bilingual and is a HUGE benefit to Lynda as she looks to expand into the market south of Tucson as well as to reach those in Tucson who are mono-lingual Spanish speakers.  Proactive Health Solutions has already benefited from Juanita’s linguistic skills as she works with several women using DITI who speak limited English. 

Welcome Juanita and THANK YOU for your dedication, commitment and service!

june2015-2Our other new member is our sister, Jacki.  Jacki lives in Peoria, AZ with her husband and two children. . . .our beloved niece and nephew, Kate and Matthew!  Jacki has her BS in physical therapy and a penchant for health and wellness.  She is a seeker of knowledge and digs deep to find out as much information as possible before making health decisions for her and her family.

Jacki is the office manager for Brenda in California and will assume responsibility as the main appointment scheduler for all returning clients in California.  Jacki will be contacting the California clients in the coming months to schedule their annual appointment(s). Jacki is going to be a great asset to Brenda and is sure to be kept busy with the many growing back office responsibilities.