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Proactive Health Solutions, LLC is a proud member of the American College of Clinical Thermology
and contracts exclusively with Board Certified Medical Doctors for interpretation of all images.

Meet Your Thermographers

Lynda Witt CCT
Level III Thermographer
Community Education

Juanita Garcia CCT
Level I Thermographer
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Bilingual Spanish

Fearn Stanley CCT
Level I Thermographer
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Thermography is based on the discovery by Hippocrates who said,
“In whatever part of the body excess of heat or cold is felt, the disease is there to be discovered.”
~ Hippocrates 440 BC

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Thermography is described in part by the FDA as
“an adjunctive diagnostic screening for breast cancer and other uses.”

Risk Assessment

Fibrocystic breast disease / disorder is an indication of thermal chaos most often caused by poor hormone balance, especially estrogen dominance. This syndrome needs to be addressed and reversed when detected. Often a comprehensive hormone panel is warranted to rule in/out “estrogen dominance” as it is your greatest risk factor for breast cancer.

Monitoring the Effects of Therapy

Despite thyroid supplementation, thermal imaging indicated evidence of continued thyroid dysfunction. Medical DITI is beneficial in the clinical diagnosis as well as in monitoring the response to treatment. The patient and physician are then able to visualize improvements related to the efficacy of therapy and make appropriate recommendations henceforth.


Dental with cardiac (male) The skin has specific regions that, through the autonomic system, relate to every internal organ and structure. This patient with a hypothermic asymmetry over the left lower chest has a history of Coronary Artery Disease.

He also has an abscess at the upper left tooth.

Incidental and Rare Findings

This patient presented with low back pain. There were no thermal findings in the back, but the abdomen showed a well defined area of inflammation over the right kidney which could refer pain to the back.

Subsequent tests confirmed a kidney infection.



This elderly lady had undergone a left hip replacement surgery 3 months previously and her continued leg pain raised a suspicion for DVT. The thermographic findings were not consistent with DVT, but showed a focal area of inflammation that guided a sonographer to a deep abscess near the bone. This was lanced and successfully treated with antibiotics.

What is D.I.T.I & FAQ’s

What is medical digital infrared thermal imaging? Medical DITI is a painless, non-invasive, radiation-free test used to detect abnormal physiology. It is the best screening technology for showing inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation is proven to be at the root of many common diseases that can impact health in various regions of the body.

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Why Proactive Health Solutions?

We love what we do and are proud to be part of this industry. We strive to empower our clients with tools for prevention and focus on ways to nourish mind-body-spirit in their journey towards health. It is our pledge to provide each client with outstanding customer service and continue to represent thermography accurately, responsibly, and grounded in scientific literature. We endeavor to grow our individual businesses with integrity, and to never let the allure of making money cloud our representation of thermography. We believe that one day, thermal imaging, along with a new understanding of health, will be "standard of care" and we are sincerely grateful to have had the opportunity to help bring this technology to the forefront in our ever-evolving world.

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