Brenda’s Personal Story

brenda-wittTake a trip in time with me…
You’re in your early forties and looking at taking some responsible measures for your future. So, you contact an insurance company and request that you be evaluated for a life insurance policy.  Of course, they are happy to accommodate this request and you meet with the clinical evaluator to determine your level of health. 
 You are informed that depending on where you score in this evaluation determines the rate for which you qualify.  Of course, the better your health, the greater rate of return you receive on your policy.  “Rarely does anyone receive an outstanding score,” is what you’re told.  “A good health score is more common and this is what you should expect in this evaluation.”

But your health score is OUTSTANDING.  You hear the excitement in the voice of the sales rep as he tells you this type of health score rarely is seen.  (In your mind you are thinking that you are likely his first client with this score).  You sense his excitement as he begins to write the policy for you.

Nine months later, age 43, you are admitted into the hospital in diabetic ketoacidosis.  You are told that you are a type 1 (juvenile) diabetic.  Due to the suddenness of the onset of symptoms, your doctor also tells you that pancreatic cancer is suspected and they want to rule this out with an immediate CT scan.

What happened?  How can outstanding health turn to a significant diagnosis in such a short time?  

The answer?  The explanation?  StressOverwhelming stress that was not managed in a healthy, positive, empowering fashion.

This is Brenda’s story.  

I was working over 60 hours per week as I was trying to balance one demanding career (perfusion) while growing my thermal imaging business.  To “fill-in” the monetary gaps, on occasion, I was also driving to UCLA on weekends and holidays to pick-up extra 12-hour shifts. 

Although I was devastated to learn that I was a Type 1 diabetic, I was suddenly grateful that I was ONLY a diabetic.  The CT for pancreatic cancer was negative.

The stress I was under and the way I chose to handle the stress certainly played a role in my diagnosis.  Of this I am convinced.  I can only move forward and live with this diagnosis as best I can, staying active, eating healthy and managing stress in a healthy and empowering way.  I feel compelled to share my story with others with the hopes of helping them look for better solutions for dealing with life’s stressors and more importantly, avoiding a diagnosis. 

On Saturday, August 15th Mo-mentum Fitness will be hosting an interactive clinic where you can learn some practical ways to manage the stressors life throws at us.  Alicia Murphy, owner of Stress Monkee has developed a fun and interactive program that helps you turn stress into a “super power!”  

At this event you will hear Alicia share her story of why she feels compelled to help people manage stress productively.  You will be an active participant in learning positive ways and techniques to manage stress such as:

  • How to change your views about stress
  • Understand how stress affects your life
  • How to physically train your body to handle stress positively

The name of the game is fun, fun, fun (and lots of laughing!!!)
This workshop is fun for all people including teens and adults.  Casual dress or workout attire is appropriate.


Date:  HAPPYness Hour on Saturday, August 15th
Time:  4 – 5 pm
Location: Mo-mentum Fitness (Bolsa Chica/Heil)
16470 Bolsa Chica
Huntington Beach, CA  92649
RSVP:  714.756.1501 (RSVP is appreciated)  
Cost: Suggested donation of $25 (*to benefit Brenda’s efforts in raising money for a diabetic alert service dog)

dog1As some of you may know, I am working to raise money to purchase a Diabetic Alert Dog (DAD).  I have had some “lows” that I don’t always recognize.  My dog will also alert me if my blood sugar spikes, thereby, allowing me to treat it appropriately and quickly.  To read more about my efforts and reasons for getting a service dog, click here.

The event at Mo-mentum Fitness is in part, a fundraiser to benefit my efforts in purchasing my service dog. 



Here is how you can participate if you live in CA

Attend the event!  (Of course, this one is obvious!!!)

 Here is how to benefit if you do not live in the area

Go to: and register for the free video series


Credit card donations

Personal checks made payable to Brenda Witt and mailed to her at:
Brenda Witt
1901 Newport Blvd., STE 350
Costa Mesa, CA  92627

Cash donations can be handed directly to Brenda. 

 Before you donate, understand that this is NOT a tax deductible donation and donations cannot be returned (refunded)
dog2I hope you will join us on Saturday, August 15th in Huntington Beach.  If you cannot attend, consider registering for the free video series.  Learn to turn stress into your super power.  My hope by sharing my story, it inspires you to take positive steps now.  It may save you from a diagnosis in the future.  Trust me.  I know.

With sincere gratitude and appreciation for all of our readers, clients and friends,

Brenda Witt