Our Staff

Our Staff

Lynda Witt, Level III Thermographer

As a native to Tucson, AZ and one of five children of loving and supportive parents, Lynda has a deeply rooted connection with her community. Lynda taught mathematics at a local junior high school for 18 years prior to opening her thermography clinic. She attended college at both Pima Community and University of Arizona with graduate course work at Northern Arizona University where she received her master’s degree in Educational Leadership in 1997.

Lynda was well on her way to a career in leadership as a school principal when she was derailed by a stroke causing short-term paralysis to her right arm. This event Lynda calls her “stroke of luck” as it led her to learn all she could about healing her own body and thus began extensive research into mind, body, and spirit rehabilitation and heart-centered living. During her learning she came across the research supporting thermography and summed up the courage to begin a new path to share all she had learned with others in her community by offering digital infrared imaging to Tucson and surrounding communities in 2005. At that time, Lynda was greatly supported and encouraged by her sister, Brenda, to step into this new role. Brenda had begun her career as a thermographer in 2004 in California and her love, guidance and support is what allowed Lynda to reach for this new profession.

Lynda opened Proactive Health Solutions, LLC in Tucson in September 2005 and hasn’t looked back! Currently, there are two certified thermographers helping Lynda to grow and expand PHS. Juanita Garcia and Linda “Fearn” Stanley have been invaluable helping Lynda to educate local healthcare providers, studying to receive their certification after many hours of training and practice while sharing their understanding of this nuanced technology with others. All three thermographers at PHS continue to learn about their profession through continuing education courses, seminars and conferences. Lynda is blessed with such a highly competent team of skilled thermographers at PHS.

“Whether we realize it or not, all of us are all responsible for creating the bodies we live in.” ~ Deepak Chopra

Juanita Garcia, Level 1 Thermographer

After retiring from her career as a HR Specialist for Lucent Technologies, Juanita Garcia pursued a career in massage therapy. This led her to understanding the human body and the importance of being a healthy.

After her own health challenge surfaced, she began learning all she could about prevention and from there she found thermal imaging. This technology allows Juanita to help others prevent diseases.

Juanita was thrilled to receive her Level 1 certification after working with Lynda for about 12 months. As she continues to grow as a thermographer, she intends to reach out to other women (and men) to share this technology. Juanita now has 4 years of experience as a thermographer and looks forward to a continued career with Proactive Health Solutions, LLC.

Our Pledge To You

Lynda and Juanita pledge to provide each client with outstanding customer service and continue to represent thermography accurately, responsibly, and grounded in scientific literature. We strive to grow our business with integrity, and to never let the allure of making money cloud our representation of thermography.  We believe that one day, thermal imaging, along with a new understanding of health, will be “standard of care” and we are sincerely grateful to have the opportunity to help bring this technology to the forefront in our ever-evolving world.

In Gratitude, Lynda and Juanita