Pop Quiz

We hope to “spring” on our readers a short, but informative, newsletter QUIZ!!!  We believe our clients are very well educated about thermography and this quiz will prove us RIGHT. . .or wrong.  But either way, you may learn something new and/or confirm something you thought you knew.

So, take just a moment to answer these few questions and then check your answers with ours within the body of the newsletter. . .No peeking!!!

  1. The greatest risk factor for developing breast cancer is
  1. still unknown at this time
  2. previous history of mastitis or other breast diseases
  3. estrogen dominance
  4. a family history of this disease
  1. Which statement best describes thermography?
  1. Thermal imaging can show abnormal structure not seen on other tests
  2. Thermal imaging is used to determine stable physiology and then watch for changes over time
  3. Thermal imaging replaces other imaging technologies
  4. Thermal imaging is the best screening for determining if you have cancer anywhere in your body

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