Whole Body Health with DITI

In this newsletter, we’d like to focus on the value of adopting the mindset of whole body health and wellness.  Optimal breast health begins (and ends) with optimal overall health.  Today, we will show you one example of how one client, Sara, utilized thermography in a whole body scan to address overall wellness.  

Although Sara stated she was concerned about her health, she didn’t carry a sense of urgency regarding making long-term modifications until she saw the results of her full body and breast scan.  It was at that time that she realized she needed to make health a priority.  Here is a list of the changes she made to her health:

Diet:  Gluten-free diet; dramatically decreased carbohydrates; and increase in protein throughout the day.
Medications and supplements:  Stopped Synthroid (synthetic medication) and started using Iodizyme (natural replacement); increased B-vitamin supplements.

Spiritual and physical health:  Chiropractic treatments; energy practitioner to address emotional issues; a structural integration/myofascial release therapist; and a deep tissue massage therapist.

Below are the before and after pictures showing the dramatic reduction in inflammation after starting her journey to health:  (medical interpretation is abbreviated for brevity)

March 2011 June 2011
oct13-1 oct13-2

Medical interpretation Mar. 2011:  The circumoral hyperthermia, along with the hyperthermia over the sinuses, may represent a neurogenic flare, which can be seen in fibromyalgia-like syndromes.

These patterns indicate a possible autonomic dysfunction, suggesting that this individual’s immune system is chronically activated. Contributing factors could include food allergies, pro-inflammatory diet, dental pathology, hormonal imbalances/deficiencies, hypoadrenia/chronic stress, heavy metal toxicity, low-grade chronic infection and systemic illness.
Medical interpretation June 2011:   Thyroid gland inflammation “is diminishing.”
March 2011 June 2011
oct13-3 oct13-4

Medical interpretation June 2011:   “There is decreased hyperthermia over the posterolateral cervical neck regions bilaterally, which suggests improvement in the myofascial dysfunction.”
March 2011 June 2011
oct13-5 oct13-6

Medical interpretation June 2011:   “Hyperthermia present in both axillary regions has decreased, indicating possible improvement in the lymphatic congestion.”
March 2011 June 2011
oct13-7 oct13-8

Medical interpretation June 2011:  “The previously-noted irregular areas of hyperthermia over the ascending, transverse and descending colons, which suggest inflammation and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), have decreased in intensity.”
March 2011 June 2011
oct13-9 oct13-10

Medical interpretation Mar. 2011:  These patterns of inflammation demonstrate myofascial dysfunction and joint inflammation.

Medical interpretation June 2011:  “There is decreased hyperthermia over the trapezius and rhomboid musculature bilaterally, which suggest an improvement in the myofascial dysfunction.  There is decreased hyperthermia involving the thoracic and lumbar spines, and particularly over the paraspinal musculature. These findings suggest an improvement in the myofascial dysfunction.”
The patient is to be commended on making significant health changes and in getting a good response, particularly related to sleep. As you know, sleep is essential to the body restoring itself, particularly the adrenal gland.

Inflammation is ALWAYS the beginning of disease and can lead to future organ dysfunction, chronic disease or incessant pain.  Thermography sees inflammation and affords you the opportunity to make changes to reduce or eliminate inflammation.  Like Sara, it can be used to monitor success of modifications that ultimately improve health.

After only three months on her new lifestyle regime, she reported the following:

  • Restful sleep
  • Weight loss
  • Increased energy
  • Improved digestion
  • Reduced neck and back pain
  • Detoxification as a response to her new diet

Sara understood that wellness can be attained on many levels; physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, etc. and she was not willing to choose only one path.  She chose many, all leading her toward wellness.

Thank you all for being a part of our lives.  Each and every one of you has enriched our personal tapestry of life.  We will forever be grateful for your presence in our world.

Yours in prevention,

Lynda and Brenda